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dagashi_kashi's Journal

Graphic Journal
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About the journal
This is an graphic journal, In here are posted the banners/icons/headers that ninjahorror has made. All of them are Jrock/Jpop. All textures are taken from different users around Livejournal. All of them we're posted on the texture comm's I creditted in my first/recourses post. I try to credit the invididual people but..Sometimes I forget but they are purely taken from the texture communities I posted and I am very greatful for those beautiful textures. If you like my icons go right ahead and take them! but don't forget to comment and credit this journal for them! I sometimes uses bases that people have posted and try to credit them too..but I fail at that too. So far I only took a few An Cafe Bases.
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About the owner
My name is Mayo and I am the maker of this journal, Mostly I make Jrock icons and such.I'm not a big fan of putting text on icons just because I feel like there's no room for it and I just don't like the looks of it. I try to mess around as much as possible with what I have and I like to try out new things though mostly it never shows. I am very concious about what I make and never like them!

I don't know what to put here yet :)

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